About us

Human Development Research Centre (HDRC) – a non–profit public institution founded in 2005. The mission of the HDRC is – to promote principles of sustainable human development and human rights in social policy making by empowering groups of people at risk of social exclusion to lead freely chosen meaningful lives of active citizens and by focusing attention of the society on an acute development problems and ways of their solution through strengthening national capacity in building inclusive knowledge society. Fields of research and project  implementation: sustainable human development; strengthening NGOs capacity in decision making and civic action; social inclusion of the vulnerable; volunteering and civil society; community building; inclusive information society; lifelong learning for social inclusion.

Key activities:

  • Methodological guidance to formulation and implementation of multidisciplinary social research and projects;
  • Methodological support to lifelong informal training for adults;
  • Preparation of modular inclusive training programmes and teaching aids for adults;
  • Provision of informal training for target groups at risk of social exclusion;
  • Guidance and counselling in the field of human development and lifelong learning;
  • Development and provision of complex social services to families and youth in communities;
  • Organisation of volunteering;
  • Raising awareness of human development problems in a society;
  • Preparation and issuing of publications.
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